Industrial & Manufacturing Labels

Performance Labels that Stand Up to Harsh Environments

Industrial and manufacturing labels are all about performance. Harsh environment labels have to stand up to tough conditions, such as exposure to chemicals, heat, rain, snow and ice, for the life cycle of the label. To address these harsh environments, Presto Labels offers durable goods labels in polyesters, polypropylenes, destructible polyethylene, and metallic films.

  • For added protection, we offer matte and gloss varnishes as well as overlaminates.
  • To call attention to potential consumer dangers, we carry fluorescent papers for printing warnings and safety instructions.
  • For other safety issues, we can help you with UL, thermal transfer, and asset- and tamper-void labels.

Presto Labels also offers barcoding and black variable printing for model identification, serial numbers, and tracking.

When labeling an industrial product, you usually have multiple labels that need to adhere to the product. Presto Labels’ digital printing and laser-cutting capabilities allow us to print all of the product’s labels onto one sheet. This significantly reduces the cost of the products’ labels because you are ordering only one set of labels rather than rolls of each label, which come with multiple setup charges.

With a 100-label minimum order, Presto Labels allows you to eliminate waste, reduce inventory and improve regulatory compliance by ordering your labels on demand. With no plates or tooling charges, you can even afford prototyping new labels as you design new parts and models.

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Tamper Void Labels

Asset Control Tamper Void Labels

Evidence of Tampering

When the label is removed from the substrate, the matte silver foil splits from the polyester film leaving an imprinted “void” pattern showing undeniable evidence of tampering. Perfect for warranty protection labels.

Fluorescent Labels

Manufacturing and Industrial Fluorescent Warning Labels Grab Attention

Attention Grabbing Labels

Presto Labels offers a variety of attention-grabbing fluorescent papers for warning labels, hazardous materials, counting stickers, inventory marking, date marking and other industrial markers.