Coffee, Tea, & Beverages Labels & Tags

Add All Versions Together into One Print Run

With so many various flavors of tea, coffee, coffee flavorings, juice, water, and other beverages, Presto Labels knows you need multiple versions or SKUs of your labels and tags. As long as your labels are printed on the same material and cut to the same shape (allowing unique graphics for each ​version), we can save you money by adding all ​versions together when printing a run. Our digital press incorporates laser cutting, allowing you to cut your label any size or shape. (Just provide us a die line on a separate layer in your artwork.) The best part? You can make the shape of your label part of your coffee, tea, and beverage brand without tooling charges!

Presto Labels offers eye-catching materials that help spur point-of-sale purchases:

  • Textured, non-coated papers for the natural or organic look
  • Shiny and brushed metallic foils that grab the customer’s attention
  • Clear film for the “no label” look, where text and graphics seem to be suspended on the bottle
  • High gloss and matte films for clean, crisp, brightly colored graphics

Coffee, tea, and beverage bottles experience changes in temperature and humidity as they travel throughout the supply chain. Presto Labels can help you select the right material and adhesive, so your labels maintain their high-quality performance and appearance in these variable conditions.

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Coffee, Tea, & Beverages Labels & Tags