Shrink Sleeves

Increase Sales, Product Appeal, and Safety

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are labels constructed from a heat-shrinkable film material, that rather than using adhesive, shrinks around the container as heat is applied. Shrink sleeves are printed flat and seamed into tubes. The tube slides over the container, heat is applied (usually the product goes through a heat tunnel), and the sleeve shrinks down to hug the container’s shape.

Graphics are displayed around the entire container, providing a 360° canvas for information, graphics, and branding. Reverse printing on the inside of clear heat shrink film provides scratch, fade, and moisture resistance, making shrink sleeves ideal for refrigerated or high moisture environments. Presto Labels & Packaging manufactures full body sleeves, combo packs and tamper-evident perforated sleeves in PETG, OPS, and PVC shrink material. We will deliver your shrink sleeves either in rolls, or individually cut to fit your application.

Our 13” 7-color digital press prints Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Orange, Green, Violet, and opaque white ink. According to Pantone®, the 7-color process extends the press’ color gamut, allowing it to match roughly 90% of Pantone® spot colors. We added Mosaic software to our press, which provides 4-color process variable printing of text, images, backgrounds, numbering, barcodes, and data to make each shrink sleeve unique! Spot matte or total matte, metallic, fluorescents, and cold foil embellishments are also available. If your quantities are too high for our digital press, or if your shrink sleeves need to be wider than our digital press can handle, we will run the job on our HD 10-color 22”, UV cured, Servo driven Mark Andy flexographic press. Our printing processes allow us to run volumes as low as 500 shrink sleeves with no maximum.

Contact us today, and we will help you with your shrink sleeve artwork template and choosing the right film for your container and product.