Shrink Sleeves FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    We have a minimum digital order of 500 sleeves per version, or SKU.

    Flexo minimums typically are around 30,000 sleeves per version, or SKU.

  • What is your proofing policy?

    PDF proofs are free with every order. It takes 1-2 business days to process the order and return a .pdf file format proof.

    We provide 5 digitally printed and hand seamed proofs without an order for $100. These will ship 3-5 business days from .pdf proof approval.

    If we have a purchase order for a new digital order, we provide free printed and hand seamed proofs for approval. The seam is not production quality since it is hand seemed, but everything else will be a live sample. If a container is supplied, we will apply the sleeve at no additional cost. These will ship 3-5 business days from PDF proof approval.

    Flexo printed proofs are the cost of the plates + spot or specialty inks requested + $400 press setup. You will receive approx. 500 sleeves with a printed flexo proof. Turn time is 2-3 weeks for flexo production proofs.

  • What type of films do you offer?

    We produce sheeted and rolls shrink sleeves on PVC, PETG and OPS materials between 40-70 microns thick.

  • I live in a warm climate, should I be worried about storing the sleeves in our warehouse?

    Yes, these sleeves are heat activated. Some of the sleeve materials store better than others but in general we recommend storing the sleeves between 50°F and 70°F with low humidity. If the temperature gets below 50°F, it can cause the sleeves to become brittle. If the temperature rises above 70°F, it can cause the sleeves to shrink. For the specific recommendation of the sleeve’s material, please reach out to your customer service representative.

  • What is the shelf life of the sleeves?

    We recommend storing the sleeves for no more than 3-6 months in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

  • Should I be worried about natural shrinkage?

    You will see natural shrinkage over time due to the way film is produced. The material is stretched. Naturally, the material will want to pull back to its original form. The longer the sleeves sit, the more you will see the natural shrinkage over time. Once the sleeve is applied to a product you would not expect to see additional natural shrinkage.

  • How or where should I apply the sleeves?

    You should apply shrink sleeves with equipment made specifically for shrink sleeves, such as a steam tunnel, radiant heat tunnel, hot air tunnel, or hybrid tunnel. We recommend using a steam tunnel for shrink sleeves, as it produces the most uniform results with consistent shrinkage.

    We do not recommend applying shrink sleeves with heat guns, microwaves, blow dryers, boiling water or shrink wrap tunnel because these methods do not produce a uniform spread of heat and consistent shrinkage.

    It is best to apply the sleeves in a controlled environment. Humidity and temperature level changes can affect the way the sleeve applies to the container and shrinks.

  • Do you have material samples available?

    We have a variety of shrink sleeve samples available upon request. We also have a grid film, for all three materials we commonly use, available for purchase. We can provide material and grid film samples at the Layflat needed for testing. These samples will allow you to see how the material will shrink onto your container, account for distortion and calculate cut length.

  • How do I figure out what size sleeve I need?

    Determining the size of the sleeve can be affected by container type and application method. We prefer you provide us with a container that we can measure and provide a template for your artwork. We start the sizing by using circumference + 14mm to determine slit width of the sleeve. Secondly measure the height + 4mm to determine the cut length. The size of the sleeve may need to be altered from the original measurements based off grid film or printed proof actual application.

  • How long will it take to receive the sleeves?

    We typically ship short to medium runs of digitally produced sleeves within 8-10 business days from proof approval, and large runs of sleeves within 12-14 business days from proof approval. Jobs that have special finishing requirements may have longer lead times. Rush orders are sometimes accepted for an additional fee.

Have more questions? Please contact us at 1-877-252-4838. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you with your shrink sleeve application.