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6 Graphics That Make Your Products Capture Consumers’ Attention on the Shelves

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Once upon a time, product packages were merely a container and a label for specifying product details. The only difference between one product and another was the product details and maybe the manufacturer. Today things have changed. Product packaging and labeling must do more than indicate product details. They must catch the consumer’s attention amidst loads of similar products on the shelf. Products must speak for themselves and entice customers to pick them from the store shelf.

Graphics play a fundamental role in product labeling and help your product stand out on the shelves. A popular adage affirms that a picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, in product labeling, pictures –graphics- are worth a thousand sales when chosen well.

Importance of graphics when creating attention-grabbing labels

  • Graphics communicate faster than words. They allow you to convey a message quickly without reading loads of text.
  • Graphics evoke curiosity and make consumers want to know more about a product.
  • High-quality images build customer trust.
  • Imagery encourages purchase intentions by strengthening the attractiveness of a product.
  • With people’s attention span decreasing each day –currently at 8 seconds- graphics catch a consumer’s attention faster than words. People process images at an incredible speed. Putting a graphic on a product increases the speed by which the brain processes it.
  • Graphics are good at catching the eye. Stylish, personable, and chic imagery on products captures consumer interest. According to a survey by contract packers WePack, imagery seconds color as the most attention-grabbing aspects of a package design.
  • Some images stimulate emotions. Many consumers use emotions to make purchase decisions.
  • Images are a universal language. They don’t require translation and are easy to understand.
  • Graphics foster retention. They help customers to remember your product long after purchase. Research shows that people remember 65% of information paired with an image.
  • Shoppers judge a product based on its aesthetics. A product with an attractive image is often considered to be of higher quality. Also, consumers use the image on a product’s label to evaluate it. For example, a label can be used to determine the healthiness of a product.

Graphics that make your product capture attention on the shelves

1. Farm Animals

If you sell fresh farm products, then a graphic of a farm animal would be great. Images of farm animals portray a product as natural and organic. Dairy products such as yogurt and cheese and animal feeds often contain the image of cows grazing.

2. Color

Graphical elements like color help your product to stand out on the shelf. Many businesses use the color white and green to communicate a message about their product. The color white, for example, inspires purity and freshness while green depicts life and organic. One study reveals that a candy bar with a green label is perceived to be healthier than one with a red label even though the calorie content is the same. Additionally, you can use bright colors for your packaging. Bold and vibrant colors not only complement a design but also make the product visible.

3. Nature images

Health positioned food brands are notorious for using images of nature. According to the global diversified packaging supplier Sonoco, consumers are more likely to buy a product that is ‘natural-looking’ even if it is more expensive than other products.

4. Illustrations

Illustrations are a trendy way of making your products stand out on the shelves. They can be strategically designed to show how a product fits into a consumer’s lifestyle. Illustrations are proving to be more inventive than traditional graphics because of their uniqueness, distinct style, ability to harness brand storytelling, and making your brand appear human.

5. A leaf

Use the image of a leaf to indicate that a product is organic, gluten-free, or suitable for vegetarians. When choosing products on a shelf, a vegetarian shopper looking for a gluten-free product may choose the one with the picture of a leaf. Also, an image of a leaf on a label can imply freshness, especially for groceries and fruits.

6. Pets

Use images of pets for your pet food labels and packaging. Pet images help to connect with people’s hearts and heads as they shop. Ensure you choose the right breed during your selection process because it says a lot about your product. Instead of portraying pure breeds only, you can depict mixed breed pets on your labels to show customers that you care for pets across the board.

Tips for choosing the right imagery for your product label

  • Keep things simple: you might be tempted to overdo on the graphics, but please don’t. Settle for a simple graphic that conveys the appropriate message about your product to consumers.
  • Use high-quality images: the graphics on your label or package is the first interaction a consumer has with your product, and if it does not grab his or her attention, you lose the sale. Poor quality graphics can tarnish your credibility and fail to drive sales.
  • Relevance: your graphics should be relevant to your product. For instance, there are not many reasons to display a food image on a cosmetic item.
  • Include some humor: it won’t be a crime if your image evokes some humor. Humorous images attract customers’ attention more than plain graphics.
  • Colors: it is best practice to choose the colors that help your graphics stand out. The colors should portray your product and brand’s message, and to help consumers spot it on the shelf. The entire product should be recognizable from competing products as the shopper walks through the aisle.
  • Invest in quality printing: your label or package’s artwork may be best in class, but if the printing is poor, it won’t grab shoppers’ attention. Make sure you invest in quality printing for the best results.

Graphics offer a great avenue to create first impressions and nurture interest in shoppers. Graphics, when done in sync with your products offerings can help beat competition.

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