Beauty, Bath, & Body Labels & Tags

Create a Premium Label that Captures the Consumer’s Attention

Image is the most important ingredient when creating beauty, bath and body labels. To survive, your brand has to capture the consumer’s attention and stand apart from the competition. With 75% of purchasing decisions made at the point of purchase, we know how important your labels are to your success.

Presto Labels can help you reduce overall cost and create a very premium look. We can alternate your front and back labels on one roll, saving you labeling time and money. We offer a wide variety of papers, films and metallic foils that add texture and visual sparkle to your labels and hang tags:

  • Textured, uncoated papers that portray a natural or organic look
  • Shiny and brushed metallic foils for the ultimate dazzle
  • Clear film for the “no label” look, where text and graphics seem to be suspended on the bottle
  • High gloss and matte films that are resistant to humid environments, water, and oil
  • Polyethylene films that conform well to package contours and flex with squeezable containers

The beauty, bath, and body market has an increasing need for short label runs with several variations of a label. Multiple versions or SKUs that use the same material, label size, and shape (allowing for different text and graphics) can be added together for one label run. With a minimum of 100 labels of each version, niche players can run multiple versions, changing designs on a monthly or quarterly basis for seasonal designs or to test the marketplace and consumer preference.

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Beauty, Bath, & Body Labels & Tags