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What is TPI?

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Perforations are classified by burst and tear strength or TPI (teeth per inch or ties per inch). The length of the cuts and how close together Presto applies the cuts in the perforation will affect how easily your label will tear from the roll. The Burst Strength is a measurement of how much pressure is needed to separate a label at the perforation. Tear Strength is a measurement of how much resistance the perforation offers in preventing the label from separating from the roll.

Presto Labels can apply a perforation between labels so that a label can easily be torn off the roll. (You would only add a perforation if you are applying your labels by hand.) A 10 TPI is standard; however, since Presto Labels cuts their digital labels with lasers, you can change your TPI without tooling charges. Labels that are applied by machine cannot be perforated at the gap (space between labels) because the tension applied by the machine will tear the liner at the perforation.

You might want to add a perforation to the face of your label so that someone can easily tear off a section of the label. Add a vertical or horizontal perforation to the face of your label so that it can easily fold around corners of a carton or product. When you are designing your label, remember the perforation can be part of the architecture as well as the function of your label.