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What is an Unwind Direction?

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If your labels are to be provided on rolls, it is important to determine an unwind direction. The unwind direction tells your label converter which way you would like your labels to be unwound from the roll.

When quoting a label, the first dimension is always the width. Most of the time, your label placement will optimize the use of the material during the printing process. The width and length of your label will determine how your label is laid out on the material and what type of unwind direction you can produce. If using existing tooling to cut your labels (not laser cutting), your unwind position will have to correlate with the direction your die is laid out.

If applying your label with automatic labeling equipment, the direction is usually dictated by the equipment. If applying your label by hand, you might want your labels wound in, so the face of the label is protected from light and dust, or you may want to choose an unwind direction that is more convenient to handle while quickly removing the label from the roll and applying it to the product.