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A Shot of Success

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Twin Stills

When is the last time you had a really good shot of moonshine? At Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery in Long Island, New York, you can have a shot of 100 proof corn moonshine, or have a shot of some of the finest whiskey infused with natural flavors. After being in business for only three years, Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery is already outgrowing its facility. Their LI o’OldTymer Whiskey and LI o’OldTymer Moonshine products are flying off the shelves!

Joe Cunha started this business by setting out to duplicate his grandfather’s “Grappa”. When he was 14, Joe remembers being in charge of the still while his grandfather farmed his land in Portugal. Growing up, Joe made many trips to Portugal with his parents, usually in the winter months when the stills were going full throttle. Along with brandy, there were always different infusions of spirits that his grandfather would put together. After his grandfather passed away in 2006, Joe and his wife Patty set out to create an infusion like Joe’s grandfather made in Portugal—a spirit that would appeal to the mainstream of people who wanted a smooth, drinkable shot. To reproduce whiskey and moonshine as authentic as grandfather’s “Grappa”, Joe and Patty went to Portugal and handpicked and shipped their twin copper stills and handmade tasting cups. To this day, Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery makes their LI o’OldTymer Whiskey and LI o’OldTymer Moonshine like the grandfather, in single small batch distillation, aged to perfection (whiskey), or not at all (moonshine).

Twin Stills Distillery is a licensed agricultural distillery, buying most ingredients locally in New York. Corn, strawberries, and apples are purchased from neighborhood farms. All of the ingredients that go into their whiskey and moonshine products are natural, with no added artificial colors or sweeteners. Therefore, some of their products are seasonal, such as strawberry moonshine, which is only made when the strawberries are fresh and flavorful.

Coming out this year is a new product, named after Joe’s other grandfather, who was a Private First Class soldier in Portugal. Private First Class is a perfectly aged whiskey. The label, which Joe and Patty designed, is unique in that the label placed on the back of the bottle is printed on both sides. The image of Joe’s grandfather is seen through the whiskey, and the other side of the label is printed with product information. Two identification labels are placed on the front of the bottle, printed on clear material with opaque white ink.

Twin Stills Distillery is already licensed in New York and Illinois, and this year, a distributor will be bringing their product into Florida and Michigan. To keep up with orders, Joe and Patty will be looking for a larger place in the fall.

Why is Twin Stills Distillery growing so fast? Well, the family is very particular, guarding every aspect of their product from the recipe to its label. They design their own labels, and their small-batch whiskey and moonshine are hand bottled and hand labeled. The love for their craft is evident, as well as their love for family. The most important thing to Joe and Patty is to make you feel comfortable and welcome the moment you walk in the door. Their fabulous shots of whiskey and moonshine will keep you coming back—a perfect recipe for success.