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Dazzle your customers while protecting your product’s label. Presto Labels’ glitter overlaminate will add sparkle and depth to your label. This overlaminate will enhance the richness of your labels while adding that much needed “bling” to stand out among the competition.

Tiny gold specks of glitter overlay your label. Depending on the direction you are looking at the label, and the light in which the label is held, the glitter grabs attention without distracting from the readability of the label.

The glitter overlaminate is a 1.0 mil clear Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), which provides additional overall stability to the label. It is acid, chemical, oil and scuff resistant. The glitter overlaminate is a perfect decorative addition to nail care labels, cosmetic labels, wine labels, or any high-end product that needs added bling.

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