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Seasonal Labels

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Seasonal Labels

People are always looking for reasons to purchase gifts for others and themselves. So why wouldn’t you rebrand your product for the holidays to increase sales? By simply changing your product’s label, you can instantly change your product to an amazing gift.

Don’t only consider holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day; look at causes close to your heart. For example, add a pink ribbon to your product’s label in October; it becomes a gift for a survivor and it states that your brand supports and cares about the fight against breast cancer—perhaps a portion of your proceeds go to the cause.

There are dozens of holidays and special events that can boost sales and your brand’s image. As long as your label is the same shape and uses the same material, allowing for unique graphics on each version, Presto Labels can add all label versions together into one print run—saving you money! And remember, there are no plates or tooling charges.