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Link QR Codes to Customer Experiences

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Link your label to customer experiences with QR codes

When snapped with a phone, QR codes link print media to the online world. QR codes lead shoppers to video, display product ingredients, and provide coupons and recipes. Anything you can put on a web page can be linked to your product’s label, and brands are getting creative with those links!

For example, a small brewery created multiple QR Codes that were printed on their beer labels. When snapped by phone, one QR code displayed funny pick-up lines, another QR code linked to video clips showing the art behind their brew, and yet another QR code linked to jokes. The brewery started having fun with it, changing the landing pages to which the QR codes were linked, enabling customers to post selfies with their brew of choice, read horoscopes, or participate in contests and treasure hunts. Customers took note, and the QR codes made this brewery stand out from the pack.

The best companies spend countless hours brainstorming ways to add layers of meaning to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to better connect with their customers. QR codes are one more tool you can use to connect with your customers and develop your brand’s experience and personality.