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Presto Labels' Matte Overlaminate with a soft touch

Product Labels with a Soft Touch

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Tactile qualities of your label can be extremely important. Presto Labels’ soft touch matte overlaminate can ultimately help boost your product’s perceived value and quality. Shoppers like to touch products they are interested in purchasing, and studies show that if a shopper touches or picks up the merchandise, they are more likely to buy it. Presto Label’s matte overlaminate has a soft, satin look that begs shoppers to touch!

Call Presto Labels and ask for a label sample with our soft-touch matte overlaminate. You’ll see why shoppers can’t keep their hands off our label products!

Materials for the "homemade" look

Craft Product Labels

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Consumers are paying higher prices for products that are homemade, farm-to-table, include distinct new flavors, or are made in unique small batches. Consumers want simple, recognizable ingredients, transparency, and a clean label. To depict the craft product experience, brands take out the glitzy, polished look and turn to textured, earthy papers.

Create your product’s craft look with Presto Labels’ Kraft, Estates #4, #8 and #9, or Classic Linen, Classic Crest, and Classic Birch materials. And with a printing minimum of only 100 labels, Prest Labels can truly accommodate your small batch needs.

Craft Beer Shrink Sleeves

Can Shrink Sleeves

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Presto Labels now offers shrink sleeves for 12 oz. cans, 16 oz. cans, 32 oz. Crowlers and 750 ml aluminum bottles!

Those in the beverage industry are facing challenges with having to order large minimums of printed cans and not filling all the cans they order. They want better graphics and smaller custom runs that make their product stand out in a crowd. To solve these challenges, many in the beverage industry are turning to heat-applied shrink sleeves on cans.

If you have ordered too many printed cans, don’t throw them out! Presto Labels can create cover-up sleeves to repurpose those cans. We offer 360° graphics printed with the highest quality 7-color digital press, or a 10-color UV flexo press, to create consistent shrink sleeves at any quantity (minimum of 500 sleeves). Reverse printing on the inside of clear heat shrink film provides scratch, fade, and moisture resistance, making shrink ideal for the beverage industry.

Presto Labels can help you with turnkey solutions—from a small can run to a truckload order—out of our Chicago location. We have Rexam 12 and 16 oz. cans in stock waiting to be sleeved. Or, contact your local co-packer or mobile canner for sleeve application.

Presto Labels’ in-house design team can help bring your concept to reality. We can provide actual can mock-ups to completed and sleeved cans, delivered to your co-packer and ready to fill. Free prototype proofs are provided on all new orders.

Have other shrink sleeve projects?  Call us to discuss your shrink sleeve project.


Seasonal Labels

Seasonal Labels

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People are always looking for reasons to purchase gifts for others and themselves. So why wouldn’t you rebrand your product for the holidays to increase sales? By simply changing your product’s label, you can instantly change your product to an amazing gift.

Don’t only consider holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day; look at causes close to your heart. For example, add a pink ribbon to your product’s label in October; it becomes a gift for a survivor and it states that your brand supports and cares about the fight against breast cancer—perhaps a portion of your proceeds go to the cause.

There are dozens of holidays and special events that can boost sales and your brand’s image. As long as your label is the same shape and uses the same material, allowing for unique graphics on each version, Presto Labels can add all label versions together into one print run—saving you money! And remember, there are no plates or tooling charges.

Link your label to customer experiences with QR codes

Link QR Codes to Customer Experiences

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When snapped with a phone, QR codes link print media to the online world. QR codes lead shoppers to video, display product ingredients, and provide coupons and recipes. Anything you can put on a web page can be linked to your product’s label, and brands are getting creative with those links!

For example, a small brewery created multiple QR Codes that were printed on their beer labels. When snapped by phone, one QR code displayed funny pick-up lines, another QR code linked to video clips showing the art behind their brew, and yet another QR code linked to jokes. The brewery started having fun with it, changing the landing pages to which the QR codes were linked, enabling customers to post selfies with their brew of choice, read horoscopes, or participate in contests and treasure hunts. Customers took note, and the QR codes made this brewery stand out from the pack.

The best companies spend countless hours brainstorming ways to add layers of meaning to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to better connect with their customers. QR codes are one more tool you can use to connect with your customers and develop your brand’s experience and personality.

metallic effects

Metallic Effects for Your Labels

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Use metallic materials and opaque white ink to create interest and add elegance to your label at a fraction of the cost of foil stamping!

Presto Labels offers a variety of metallic materials:

    • Metallic prism
    • Brushed metal
    • Matte silver
    • High gloss metallic

Create any color in metallic effect!

Your computer screen can’t do this justice. Call us at 1-800-201-7120 or fill out this form to receive FREE SAMPLES. Ask for special metallic effects created with a metallic material, 4-color process, and opaque white ink!