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A Mother’s Mission

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sammy soap

Presto Labels helps many small business owners with their labeling needs. Each business owner has a great story behind their brand; a great passion, a great cause, or a great purpose. I would like to tell you about one of our customers, sammysoap®. ­­­­­­

Sammysoap is layered with all sorts of passion, cause, purpose, and heart. First and foremost, sammysoap has taken an ordinary product and is manufacturing it in an extraordinary way. Each generous 4.5-ounce bar of soap is handmade, 100% all natural, with no fragrance, preservat­­ive, dyes or any other synthetic ingredients. They substantiate fair trade supply chains, use sustainable packaging and reinvent, reuse, and recycle everything they can. Sammysoap’s products do not harm the planet, are cruelty-free, waterway, food area, child, and pet-friendly. Each small batch is artistically handmade and packed with a purpose.

This company was created to serve a purpose; to create jobs for adults with intellectual disabilities. “A job creation machine, disguised as the world’s best soap company” is touted on their website. Sammysoap is a for-profit business supporting disability wage equality, human health, and a clean planet.

But what is most incredible about this company is its heart. This company exists because a mother’s mission was to create a business to provide her son with a fulfilling and useful life. This company provides adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop skills, earn a fair and equal wage, and be productive, proud members of a community. Please watch their video. I think you will enjoy their story, and you also might want to try their incredible products too.

Their video: Redefining Normal