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Create a Unique Look with White Ink

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Opaque White Ink Printed on Metallic Material

Presto Labels offers 4-color process digital printing with the option to print opaque white ink and a variable black. Opaque white ink provides the opportunity to create unique effects on clear and metallic materials.

Use opaque white ink as an undercoat for colors on clear materials to brighten type and graphics; otherwise, the transparent 4-color process UV inks will appear faint and understated when the label is applied. You can also back your graphics with opaque white ink if you are creating an image that is reverse printed and viewed through a clear container.

Print opaque white ink beneath 4-color process colors on metallic substrates to create areas you do not want to be metallic. Print 4-color process transparent colors over metallic areas to create exciting metallic colors. Whichever way you choose, Presto Labels can help you create the most appealing version of your product.